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Great Gatsby

Honest Liar
The fictional world in a novel, where there are whole new boundaries of settings, characters, and stories, always provokes some suspicions of disbelief from the readers no matter how wonderfully the novel is written.In order for this fictional world to be convincing, the readers trust the narrator.The Great Gatsby, a novel by F Scott Fitzgerald, is primarily a love story, which demonstrates the obsessed love of the main character Jay Gatsby towards Daisy Buchanan.The story is told in thefirst point of view by the narrator Nick Carraway.He has a special place in this novel.Despite the title of this book, Nick is the one who the readers meetfirst and occupies almost the wholefirst chapter with his own story where Gatsby is barely mentioned.Nick tells the story in thefirst person point of view; therefore, his role in this novel is crucial.He becomes the ears and eyes for readers to see what is going on in the novel.However, the readers often get confused about Nick??s attitude toward other characters and the story as well.Nick is a flawed narrator who tells the story in his biased opinion though he never loses faith to himself in his own pure honesty.
Nick tries to establish some degree of his credibility to readers in the beginning of the book, but later, those points he made contradict to the reality of him.Earlier in the book, he said, ?°I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known. (64)?± and ?°I’m inclined to reserve all judgments.(5)?;.These statements seem to be thefirst sign that the readers can count on the narrator.However, later on, the readers learn that he never reserves all judgments.He makes some judgments about characters in the story.For instance, about Jordan, the woman golf player, he says, ?°QUOTE?;
This shows his misbelief in his honesty and fairness, which the readers do not see.
Because thefirst person point of vie…


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