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Great Gatsby

The main motif of The Great Gatsby is the slow deterioration of the American Dream.Fitzgerald argues that the American Dream no longer denotes the ambition to achieve a certain goal.Instead he feels that it has become corrupt and materialistic.In the novel, Fitzgerald uses Jay Gatsby's life to symbolize the death of the American dream.
According to Fitzgerald, in order to achieve the American dream, one must be determined and optimistic.With these virtues, one can succeed at many things. This is apparent in the young Gatsby, James Gatz.As a young adult, Gatsby scrupulously plans out his future in his journal hoping one day he will become a great man. When Gatsby father shows the journal to Nick, he declares, “‘Jimmy was bound to get ahead;(182).Gatsby;s journal demonstrates his constant struggle for self-improvement, which is exemplary of a true American dream.His dream, at this point, is still noble and righteous, and, therefore, the American dream continues to live on.Unfortunately, due to Gatsby;s obsession with wealth and power, his dream has become corrupt resulting in the slow corrosion of the American dream.
Fitzgerald feels that people;s obsession with riches and power are the leading cause of the destruction of the American dreaming.As Gatsby grows older, his obsession with wealth and power grows as well.In the novel, it is revealed that Gatsby earns his money through illegal practices; his ostentatious parties, garish mansion, and lavish clothing are all attempts to win the attention of the cruel and shallow Daisy, who cares only for money. He ceases to throw his parties once he believes that he and Daisy will be reunited. Daisy and Tom Buchanan are the most detestable exemplars of the modern order: they live without hope and without regret, because all they care for is the preservation of their own power and privilege. Daisy is never heard from again after Gatsby’s death…


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