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Great Gatsby

Well when a friend told me a secret I promised not to tell anyone. My friend's secret was that she had lost her virginity. When I was told the secret I was in a complete shock because I was not expecting to hear that from her. But, because I love and take my friend as a sister I did not judge her, I just counseled her about the situation.
The way I feel about Tom is a very hateful feeling. Every time he has something to say it is always so negative. Tom is a true definition of a "male dog", cheating on a nice classy woman, Daisy for dirty white trash, Myrtle. I really just don't understand why men have to behave like that. Tom is also controlling. He wants everything his way or no way.
The particular classmate that reminds me of Daisy is Domingue Woodfork. Domingue is such a flirtatious young lady who makes every young man she talks to feel as if they are the only one who exists in her life. Domingue is also very firm and always want her way. She is truly a spoiled child.
My personal opinion of Daisy and Tom's marriage is that it is basically horrible. Daisy is not happy at all. Daisy knows that Tom is cheating on her but she knows that if she divorces him that she can lose a lot. Daisy feels that it is not worth it. Tom on the other hand is cheating on Daisy for Myrtle so he is not happy. Daisy and Tom pretend as if they have such a perfect marriage but they really don't. A lot of rich people have problems in their marriage but they pretend as if they do not. As this saying goes which I truly believe in is Mo money, mo problems".

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