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Great Gatsby

In the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, many significant events lead you to compare and contrast.The main character, Gatsby, has an ultimate dream of dating Daisy Buchanan.Tom, Daisy's husband, is the type of guy who is much more careless and already has the American Dream at his possession.Gatsby, whom views women in a much more respectable perspective, unlike Tom, who has a different social status among them.They have diverse personality traits, Tom is careless and ruins the lives of many where as Gatsby seems to be kind, but in his drive to achieve goals can become unscrupulous.In their mannerism quality, Gatsby will often reuse the quote "old sport" and Nick states that Tom leans aggressively forward.However, wealth isn't a factor for either of these two characters, although, they each got their riches in a different way.
Each of these characters has a goal in life, reaching, and maintaining the American Dream.Tom whose life came much more easier than Gatsby, was born into wealth.On the other hand, Gatsby had a life full of crime.He joined up with crime lord Meyer Wolfshiem in order to become a millionaire.Tom came from a wealthy family; even in college, at a young age, Tom was given money at any circumstance.Gatsby, a bootlegger, earned his cash by dealing with Wolfshiem, and mainly selling his alcohol.When Tom was in college he was one of the most admired people on campus, he was a jock that played football at New Haven, and had the passion for polo.Gatsby wasn't educated; he was a dropout that had many stories in which he supposedly attended college.
Their social status for women is very unlike.Tom is a careless man who is violent, and is willing to hurt any person; he has to have it his way.Tom is a sweet man toward Myrtle, his secret mistress, in which they both have sexual visions for one another.Gatsby is also a generous man; althoug


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