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Great Gatsby film

When I watched the film versions of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby, I noticed the two films put costume design and art direction above the detailing of the characters. Although this film has some decent production values that capture the era well, I found them ultimately disappointing.
The cast, though impressive in the book, has very little spark.The actors seem to be sleepwalking through their roles. None of them created believable characters for me to care about, and I was constantly aware that I was watching actors reciting their lines.
In the 1974 version Tom did not fit the image that Fitzgerald stressed to the reader many times throughout the novel.He was exactly the opposite of what the reader would have imagined. Tom wasfirst described in the novel standing on his porch with his superior grin, a manly face structure, and bulging arm muscle visible through his shirt. On the other hand, the movie shows Tom as overly friendly, scrawny, old, and sporting a mustache that Fitzgerald never mentioned in his story.
The movie also skipped the conversation that Daisy had with Nick after dinner.I felt that part would have been important for the viewers to see Daisy more in depth and understand how she felt about her situation with Tom.
In the book, Myrtle was supposedly an ugly, bigger sized woman, whereas in the A&E movie, she was actually thin and fit. I felt like this took away from the fact that Tom had an interest with a person with qualities that were actually the opposite of those of Daisy.
Wilson was not how I imagined him to look as well.I thought he would be on the heavy side with oil and grease on his face from working with his cars, but he was portrayed as thin and clean cut.
The party at the apartment was another area that did not fit Fitzgerald's discription. The party was much too busy, with large groups of people standing and having their own conve…


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