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Great Gatsby – Summary of Chapter V

In the night Nick comes home from the meeting with Jordan. Gatsby passes by and asks Nick if he wants to go swimming in his pool. But Nick refuses the offering because he is too tired. In their short conversation they talk also about the invitation of Daisy. They agree on the day after tomorrow.
Nick invites Daisy for tea the following day and asks her to come alone.
At the day of the meeting Gatsby's gardener cuts Nick's lawn and a greenhouse delivers flowers. At three o'clock Gatsby comes over looking exhausted and pale. Nick and Gatsby talk a bit and Gatsby is about to go home as Daisy arrives at four o'clock. Entering the living room with Daisy Nick notices that Gatsby is gone. Gatsby knocks a few moments later on the front door and is lead in the room by Nick. Daisy and Gatsby are embarrassed by the presence of each other and they don't really start a conversation. After a tea in a tense atmosphere Nick leaves them alone. When he comes back both are in a happy mood but Daisy seems to have been in a sad mood before.
They decide to go over to Gatsby's house, because Gatsby wants to show her his enormous house. Ending up in the bed room Gatsby tells them that he has got a man in England who buys him clothes. Daisy is very fascinated by his great collection of shirts. Gatsby urges Klipspringer to play the piano. According to Nick Gatsby finds out that Daisy does not come up to his dreams.


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