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I believe that human nature always depends on the circumstances that surround an individual.I think that the only exception is the fundamental needs of human survival.Food, water, and shelter.Once your basic needs are satisfied, I think that human nature is highly circumstantial, and most "evils" are developed by bad habits among humans.
Are some people "naturally greedy?" My opinion is no.People are not born greedy.People learn how to be greedy. It all depends on the psychological factors that surround an individual.There are many different factors that might affect somebody's way of behaving-a person's morals, values, and social interactions could all create greed in an individual.I do not believe that it is "human nature" to always want more.
We learn to be greedy from the society we live in.For example, take a person that is born into a very wealthy family that has everything and compare that to someone who is born homeless with hardly anything. Right from the very start, there are major economic inequalities that are going to effect how those children learn to behave.I think inequality in society is the basis for greed.
Utopian society eliminates all inequality in its members.Everybody has the same style house, food, clothes, and work required of them. The Utopian society is in unity.This is a major reason why it is successful.There is no need to be greedy.You have everything you want.Every citizen in Utopia helps each other, and in return this helps further the Utopian society as a whole.The Utopian society proves that greed is not human nature, but rather that greed is a bi product of the society you live in.


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