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Grendel's Attack

The next morning I was thefirst warrior that was outside. I went outside to look at the Grendel. It was a beautiful sight to see that monster on his back with my sword in his heart. That's right it wasn't Beowulf's sword, but mine. Let me start at the beginning. During the attack I was in the middle of all the action. When Grendelfirst attacked the king was in a panic. The only thing he said was, "attack that beast. Kill him. Don't stop fighting until he is as good as dead." So all the warriors including me came rushed out to fight and take down that hideous monster. The fist person I saw when I ran out was Beowulf. He was one of the bravest if not the bravest one fighting. But he couldn't have taken Grendel alone. He couldn't have done it with his fellow warriors. While we all had to do the dirty work only one got the glory, Beowulf. If it weren't for me and the other warriors, that help Beowulf, he probably would have died very quickly. In the attack Beowulf had been knocked down and had lost his weapon. I happened to be right there to assist him. I helped him up quickly and gave him my weapon, while I went to go and retrieved his. Right then, Beowulf charged at Grendel and stabs him in the heart. The hideous monster fell and blood had started dripping out of his mouth. Beowulf had killed the monster with my sword. Some may think that Beowulf had lead his warriors and killed Grendel. This is yet only half the story. You see if I hadn't been there to assist Beowulf and give him my sword who knows what would have happened. I might have been the one who had brought down the monster!


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