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Gung Ho Retraction

The Japanese are very company oriented in their management style.They have a strong pride when their company does well.They believe that American car industry would be as successful as the Japanese if our workers were willing to work for $8 an hour, seven days a week, with unpaid overtime, just because of their patriotic pride
Americans view the Japanese as workaholic freaks. The Japanese expect the Americans to behave like Japanese. The guys are so happy to have jobs that they’re non-union.
American management believes in okay work with excellent pay.They work as a team to reach goals and work 8 hours a day and leave time for life outside work.
The Americans get restless when they’re not given sick leave, asked to work free overtime, and constantly get shouted at by Japanese managers. They complain to their union representative. The American workers are a crowd that apparently hangs out together all of the time, 24 hours a day, so that a Fourth of July celebration can be turned into a workers’ meeting and nobody is absent?
Hunt was yelled at during a workers meeting. Hunt does a great deal of double talk between the Japanese and the Americans.He promises them Americans a raise if they reach the quota of 15,000 cars. And a partial raise with 14,000 cars.When the factory fails to produce the 15,000 cars they want a raise but do not get it.
The union helps the American workers keep their jobs with fair pay and time off. It helps keep the ;Gung Ho; Japanese managers from abusing the workers. The union fights for paid overtime, weekends off, sick leave, and better pay.