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Halo: The Fall of Reach

The novel starts with a prologue, where a few "super" soldiers called "Spartans" are in the middle of a huge battle. The Spartans, under the leadership of'The Master chief', are fighting a hostile alien race called "The Covenant".
Although they fight off thousands of foe's, their victory on the ground turns into a major defeat in orbit.
In thefirst of five Sections you can see how the Spartans are recruited at the age of six. The potential candidates get selected by a person called Dr. Halsey and her assistant, the young junior lieutenant Jacob Keyes. The selected children are then taken away from their parents and transported to a military facility.
Section II: The young Spartans are going through a tough training and they stumble on all kinds of difficulties. Some of the young trainee's don't even survive the genetic enhancement process. Eventually, after a few years of training, they are sent on theirfirst mission to capture a rebel leader. At the end of Section II the human race makesfirst contact with the Covenant. The Covenant send them a message that says they will destroy the human race for religious purposes.
In section III the Spartan's are deployed at a star system called: "Sigma Octanus", where a remote scanning outpost discovered an approaching Covenant armada. This discovery results in a major conflict on the planet: "Sigma Octanus IV, as well as in space. The humans win the battle at the cost of more then 20 ships and thousands of men. At the end of the third section Dr. Halsey tells the Master chief about a mission that could change the tide in this war.
Section IV: In this section the final phase of the Spartan project comes into play: MJOLNIR, where the Spartan 117, a.k.a. The Master chief, gets an improved armored suit that can carry an A.I. (artificial intelligence). The A.I. that has been appointed to him has been named &


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