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The death of Hamlet was caused by a number of flaws, many of which were his own fault. Aside from the obvious reasons, the trap set by Claudius and Laertes, there were steps leading up his death which could have easily been avoided. However, Hamlet lets his indecisiveness take over and in time kill him.
Hamlet’s most tragic flaw is that he becomes too involved in his thoughts. He tends to wonder about the possible outcome of every situation that he faces. Imagine playing a game of basketball with a friend and whenever that friend touches the ball he thinks about every action he could take. Well, by the time he takes hisfirst dribble the ball is stolen and you have just made a basket. This game of basketball is Hamlet’s life. The ball is in his court and he has possession, but he doesn't act when he has the chance kill Claudius, this allows Claudius to get back in the game. This play was a fatal mistake which will eventually cause Hamlet his life. It seems at times Hamlet would torture himself thinking too hard about things which disappoint him. This leads him to the brink of madness and he seems to place little value on his own life.
Hamlet’s faith is another cause of his death. His faith in the ghost, the faith he has in himself, and the faith he has in his religion. Upon being told of the ghost, he has some hope that his father might still be alive, but upon further investigation he realizes that this is his father;s spirit tells Hamlet that Claudius had killed him. Since Hamlet already hates Claudius for marrying his mother this is easy for Hamlet grasp. He wants to believe the ghost;s story so he vows revenge on Claudius for his father;s murder;
;O villain, villain, smiling damned villain!
My tables ; meet it is I set it down
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain;
At least I;m sure it may be so in Denmark.
So uncle, there you are. Now to my word:


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