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The contrast between appearance and reality is shown in the play of Hamlet on numerous occasions.Hamlet, Claudius, and Ophelia all show the difference between appearance and reality by appearing to be or act one way yet in reality being the complete opposite.
When Hamlet sees the ghost of his father and decides that he must avenge his death, he devises a plan to seem as if he has gone mad.When Polonius sent Ophelia to meet with Hamlet so Polonius could spy on Hamlet, Hamlet sensed that there was someone watching them so he made sure that he acted crazy.Polonius saw this and then everyone believed that Hamlet had indeed gone mad.Hamlet gave off the appearance that he was truly mad, when in fact Hamlet was being quite sensible and smart.It was all part of his plan to avenge the death of his father.
Claudius acted in the council as if he were an honest and honorable man.He showed a genuine care for all of his subjects, and respect towards the dead father of Hamlet.Claudius evens goes as far as to say that Hamlet is the next in line for the throne of Denmark.It shows to the council a love for Hamlet and makes Claudius appear to be a kind person.Yet in reality, Claudius killed for the throne so he had no respect for Hamlet's father and his own brother.Claudius did not want Hamlet to become the next king.In fact he feared Hamlet and sent him to England to be killed.That of course did not work.Claudius was a cowardly King that in reality was not a good King.
Ophelia can be seen as a strong person mentally as she must deal with Hamlet in his madness.She appeared to be stable and well.Yet it is she who truly goes mad upon the death of her father, Polonius.Her state of insanity is what led to her drowning death.
The play of Hamlet was full of characters who appeared so be a certain way, but they were truly not as they seemed.All of these lies in appearance contributed to their eventual deaths….