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Hamlet : A tragic mistake

Many elements are compiled to create a tragedy. These increments of drama consist of everything from the murderous villain to the fallen hero. One element that who significance may have often been overlooked is that of the "tragic mistake." In the other words, that one flaw, wrongful action, error, or "twist of fate" that caused all to turn out wrong. In tragedy the tragic mistake must occur or that the play would no longer be a tragedy. If that tragic mistake(s) did not occur, all of that death and torment caused to the protagonist of a tragedy would not happen and change the entire category of the play.
Every play write that has ever written a tragedy has inserted one or several tragic mistakes at critical juncture of the play. Once that tragic mistake occurs an almost domino effect sequential acts begin and ultimately lead to the destruction of the protagonist, William Shakespeare has become one of the greatest proprietor of this mistake in the history of literature. In examining any of Shakespeare's tragedies, one must consider the way in which a "reversal of fortune" brings about the destruction of the hero. One of Shakespeare's tragedies seems to stand out as excellent example of the results of one or more tragic mistakes, Hamlet.
Hamlet and his action eventually lead to his own demise and end. Hamlet is a play that concerns the murder of the king of Denmark and the murdered king's son's quest for revenge. Its main character, Hamlet, possesses a flaw that leads him to commit a grave error. This flaw obstructs his desire for revenge and ultimately brings about his death. One has to admire Shakespeare's thinking, by creating this flaw he makes Hamlet a tragic hero, a character who is destroyed because of a major weakness in his character.Hamlet's flaw of irresolution, the uncertainty on how to act or proceed, is shown in Hamlet's indeci


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