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Hamlet andGreat Expectations

Comparison Between Hamlet and Great Expectations
Hamlet and Great Expectations are two books in which the topic of alienation is apparent.Both Hamlet and Pip are alienated for different reasons.Hamlet, a prince of noble birth, only sees the negative side of life.He feels the world is a place full of corruption with distorted people living in it.Because his moral standards are so high, he avoids all human contact and isolates himself from people.Pip on the other hand, was born in a low social class, and was ambitious to become a "gentleman".This ambition drives him to alienation from lower class people.His selfish and greedy behaviour caused him to abandon the forge, which symbolizes the human warmth he once had.In this essay, I will compare and contrast some points where alienation is present in both Pip and Hamlet due to their flaws, sufferance, circumstances and influence of corruption around them.
Both Pip and Hamlet have human flaws and weaknesses.Pip's weakness, however, is more self-directed. He has a desire to become a "gentleman".He felt that this would be a road to his happiness, to escape his lowly birth.Great Expectations was set in early Victorian times in England, where there was a wide gap between social classes.Pip wanted to be looked up to, just like the other upper class gentlemen.He therefore adapts to the strict rules and "expectations" that governed Victorian England.Pip's ambition begins to dominate over him, which results in him abandoning Joe, Biddy and the forge.He feels that becoming a gentleman would fulfill him.This desire is somewhat linked to his obsession with Estella.Estella, being part of a higher social class, makes Pip feel inferior.This additionally provokes Pip to want to become a gentleman, for it is only then that he feels he will be worthy of her love. Controversially to Pip who has no responsibility outside himsel!