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hamlet essay

There is no doubt at all that the source of Hamlet's grief was associated with all of the different traumas he experienced during his life. His perfect little world crumbled,
Leaving but a lonely and unhappy man, with the promise of avenging his father's death. Everyone that Hamlet cared for let him down in one way or another. This caused Hamlet to feign madness. The loss of his father is but one loss. It is all the other losses that destroy him.
Hamlet's perfect world was shattered when his mother, whom he held the utmost respect for, remarried Claudius. The fact that she did this within two months of the king's death, made it even harder to bear. Hamlet lost all faith in his mother and their once close relationship slowly disintegrated. This was the central point at which Hamlet's madness evolved, causing devastating consequences that had a bearing on the madness in which Hamlet presented himself throughout the play.
Hamlet's mixed feelings towards his mother disrupted his great relationship he had with Ophelia. He turned bitter towards Ophelia and pushed her further away from him (Act 3 Scene 1). Hamlet lashed out at Ophelia, frustrated that his world was not as he hoped it would be. Hamlet freed himself of his stress; he did that by blaming Ophelia. If Hamlet did not have Ophelia to focus his feelings on, then he would have bid the world farewell and taken his own life. In the end it was Ophelia who sacrificed her life.
Hamlet, paralysed by reason, could not avenge his father's murder. His father's death was not the reason of his insanity but merely the starting point from which it unfolded. His father's ghost, that was doomed to walk the night, put false ideas into Hamlet's head, which lead him to believe that betrayal and incest had occurred (Act 1 Scene 5). He became bitter and put on and