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Hannibal is a continuation of the movie Silence of the Lambs.Dr. Hannibal Lector was placed in an asylum after killing many people.An FBI agent, Clarice Spalding was over Dr. Lector's case.She spent many nights speaking with Hannibal, listening to his thoughts without criticism.After ten years dealing with Hannibal Lecter face-to-face, Clarice is a much colder and less emotional toward life.Many of the workers were rude to Hannibal and other patients of the asylum.Hannibal acted out as a cannibal, by eating of the faces of the rude workers.Hannibal escaped from the asylum and no one had any idea where he could be hiding.
Hannibal begins effectively with Clarice on a drug raid with the help of several other agents.She kills a drug czar, Elvelda, by firing a bullet at her chest.Evelda held a Mac 10 in her hand as well as her baby strapped around her chest.After firing thefirst shots, she left Clarice with the choice of killing a mother holding her child or to lose her own life.The incident puts Clarice in a difficult position with the FBI, as she has to turn over her gun and badge.
There is an agent named Paul Krendler that has it in for Clarice, and desires her sexually.As always, Clarice’s interests in life exclude anything sexual.Since she has turned him down several times he begins to act snooty towards her.In one funny scene, shows Krendler looking at photos of Lecter unaware Clarice is watching him.She alerts him and he asks, “What are you doing in the dark?”Her response: “Thinking of cannibalism.”
After the FBI released new information given by Mason Verger, Clarice reopened the case.Verger was forced to slice off his own face and feed it to his dogs thanks to Hannibal.He;s now a faceless cipher with no eyelids and a horrifying expression.Verger is a billionaire that wants Hannibal fed to his killer boars, and provides a handsome reward to anyone who knows of Hanni


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