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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The author J.K.Rowling had captured the hearts of millions of readers worldwide and she comes back in the 4th book and does it again. The series is basically about an orphan boy whose parents were killed by an evil wizard called by other wizards only as ‘He who must not be named’.This may sound like a fairy tale but trust me it’s not. The twists and turns in this book will not let you put this book down. It will provide for hours of enjoyable reading. You can call it a mix of Enid blyton’s humour and Agatha Christie’s suspense. Harry finds out that he is a wizard in thefirst book and he is taken to a Wizard school by Hagrid, a giant, this book relates his experiences in his 4th yr at Hogwarts (the wizard school). This book is a thriller, a comedy, and a school life story all packed into one. Warner Bros who have bought rights for thefirst 4 books are going to come out with a movie based on the 1st book in November next year to coincide with the release of the 5th book which !
is in the same month. I just cant wait for the next book by this scintillating author.A small piece of friendly advice .Read the other 3 books before reading this one because it may spoil the surprises of the other books for you.
Which book store did you buy the book from?: Fabmart
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