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Hazards in Placentia

Earthquakes are probably the number one hazard that affects my area. I live about
sixto seven miles from the Whittier Fault and about 16-18 miles from the Newport Inglewood Fault. Just about a week or two ago, we experienced an earthquake around 2:30 a.m. Though nothing was damaged, I still noticed some effects from it. The ceiling fan was shaking around a lot and some car alarms were sounding. If a big earthquake were to hit Placentia, I think my house would be prepared. Sure, some things would fall, but nothing extreme. The water tank is secured and we would remember to turn off the gas, or anything else that could possibly cause a disaster.
There isn’t a threat for mass-wasting in my area. Placentia is almost all flat land; no hilly areas susceptible to down slides. But the neighboring cities, Yorba Linda and Brea could possibly experience some affect. I believe there are a few debris-flow basins in those areas.
The only chance for liquefaction in my area is towards the Brea/Yorba Linda city boundaries. Possible landslides are more likely to happen in Brea than in Placentia. When it rains hard, sometimes, I can notice the streets have some affect to them. But unless it pours endlessly, there is really no threat of flooding in my area.
The hazards I’m most concerned with are earthquakes. Since I live relatively close to a fault, I’m concerned that a big quake will hit. But I feel prepared for it.


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