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Heart Of Darkness

No other four word quotein literaturehas ever been so perplexing as the last words of Station Chief Kurtz.The horror, the horror. What was he speaking of?
There is the obvious of course, the dread involved with losing one’s sanity, the terror at what might happen when one’s crimes come to light, despair over entire situations where one lies dying. Maybe this is what Conrad meant.
That is the great thing about literature though.It is open to interpretation.By his words Kurtz expressed (in my opinion) an immense guilt.He had destroyed so much, so much blood had been shed in his name,or in the name of his madness.He had killed so many, and yet remained unable to kill what was within.Tormented by demons within, these were the brutes Kurtz raved about, these were the ones whose thirst remained unslaked during the reign in blood Kurtz had enacted, Master of the darkness and a slave in its heart.
The quote of absolute power corrupting absolutely applies, for as the longer Kurtz remained in the Congo, the more the Congo snaked into his soul, as he drifted farther from authority, until he emerged on the other side of humanity, as an authority.He had power and power on top of that, and nobody ordering him to pull the punches.His men knew this, and grew to fear him.Fear is too often mistaken, substituted for respect and Kurtz turned this “respect” into worship.And the more they were willing to do for him, the more he was willing to order, and the less he was willing to accept what he had done.
An ever-growing domino effect was forming, a sort of sieve shaped cause and effect, with Kurtz down at the anti-pinnicle.Congo and Kurtz were one, like the Giant Antaeus and Mother Earth.As long as he remained untouched in the Congo, Kurtz was God.
Marlow was the finger who set the domino rally to action freeing and trapping Kurtz.As They pulled away from the heart of darkness, the darkness was pulling out o…


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