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Heidi's Obstacles for Happiness
The Heidi Chronicles by Wendy Wasserstein is a novel all about feminism, and what happened to those women who decided to challenge society's standards. More specifically one could say the theme of the play is about Heidi Holland's quest for her own happiness and how it is difficult for her to reach this happiness because a lot of it goes against society's norms. Three of the main components of Heidi's happiness are her personal ambitiousness referring to her career, her political feminist views and her need for a family. These issues that make her happy and she has passion for, also become some of her biggest problems because all of these things also go against society's standards in some way. In order to get a better picture of what is going on during this time one has to take into consideration the time frame during which the play takes place. It starts off in Chicago during 1965; Heidi was a part of the baby boom generation, born in the post WWII era. As we all know, during this time women had many less opportunities then they do today. All of these factors influence what it means to be women in this particular time and place.
Being a well-educated, intelligent women Heidi is also very ambitious. She has a lot of goals in her life. An effect of all of this is thatScoop, the man she loves and that loves her also does not want to marry her because he feels very intimidated by Heidi's ambitious nature. This idea fits in with the stereotype that men want "dumb" and that "you shouldn't be so smart" because you will intimidate men or be looked upon as being high maintenance is still true today. Scoop often tell Heidi "
Being an Art History major, Heidi is already seen upon as liberal and this stereotype does fit her, because it is true. This is seen in Heidi's explanation to Scoop for planning to be an art historian, "…


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