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Hemingway’s Code Hero

Ernest Hemingway has created hundreds of novels and short stories that have made many significant contributions to literature. His work is well know around the world for its interesting composition by how he ties his personality and morals into his characters, which follow the beliefs, also know as “the code”, that he lives by. Hemingway uses his code hero, who is named in most of his novels as Nick Adams to teach readers a creative and disciplined way of life. His code hero measures himself by how well he handles the sometimes vehement situations that life throws at him. He defined the code hero as “a man who lives correctly, following the ideals of honor, courage, and endurance in a world that is sometimes chaotic, often stressful, and always painful. Nick Adams is an individualist, always yearning to travel, while on a constant quest to conquer his fear of death, which would grant him his rights to becoming a man. These characteristics will be the topics discussed in this research paper.
Nick's individuality is a paramount aspect in his life. He wants to remain a free spirit, not tied down by the complications of a normal, uneventful life. In the story The End of Something, Nick Adams Has a relationship with a woman named Marjorie. He realizes they are becoming closer as a couple. He interprets the relationship as a restriction on his individuality, that intern would destroy his ability to sate his desire for fun. He knew that if he married he would have to settle down, becoming compliant with a typical job that required a boring daily routine. With marriage comes family, something Nick was not quite ready for. Also, he surmised that when he married he would be marrying Marjorie's whole family, making him just another part of a large unit. Since he didn't want to lose his free will he had to end his relationship with Marjorie.
The code hero's individualism is also shown in Big Tw


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