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Films that are based on novels when compared often have many similarities and
differences.The Beach directed by Danny Boyle and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Guillaume
Canet, Robert Carlyle and Virginie Ledoyen.The genre of this film is Adventure/Drama because
of the intense moments in the movie and because the movie is one big trip to an island.I think
this film is overwhelming because of the extreme details. For instance the starting of the film when
Richard describes how travelling should be done, I also love this film because of the unique
The Beach is about a traveller named Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio) who sets off to
Thailand searching for an adventure. Accepting every offer, he feels like nothing can stand in his
way. When he is lying in his bed that night he hears an obnoxious Scottish man named Daffy Duck
(Robert Carlyle) who breaks into his room and tells Richard about an exquisite beach.The
following day he finds a map to this infamous beach; when going into Daffy's room to thank him
he finds him dead.Richard immediately accepting the offer of the map goes and asks two other
people to join him on his trek, Francoise(Virginie Ledoyen) and Etienne(Guillaume Canet) who
also accept the challenge.When getting there they discover a dope field run by Thai drug lords
they manage to escape only to find a small village run by happy people. The village people easily
accepted them as a part of the group. A leader runs them named Sal(Tilda Swinton) and
everything is fine until a series of critical events happen; a shark attacks three village fishermen,
Richard begins to go insane and the secret of the beach begins to be exposed to the world. This
story takes place in Thailand and more specifically in the city of Koh Panhagen and in the isles of
Likewise, to the book the movie has the same plot along with the same setting and most of the


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