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Henry V

What is the scene in the very beginning of the movie? It is the backstage of a theatre. It is modern day, you can tell by the building, lights, and the match. The man speaks in very old language for such surroundings. The scene we are next brought to is obviously much farther back in time. It is lit by candles. The clothing worn by the men is cloth with accents of metals. They look like very good clothes – I also believe these people are all upper class/royal in some way. The priests bless the king. The language is very difficult to understand. Kenneth Branaugh looks much younger in this movie then others he ha made, I assume it is one of his earlier movies. The throne Henry V sits on is wooden and simple. The doors in Henry's hall were enormous. The common men and women wore simpler cloth clothing. The women wear such ragged clothing, it's hardly anything. Some of the more warrior-like men wear chain-mail and have swords. When we see Henry again, he is wearing a bright blue and red shirt. The king's royal wear is much different than the clothes worn by others. The French king wears a gold crown. The warrior wears chain mail, another wears metal armor. The French maid wears a very interesting sort of hat that comes down over her ears. There is quite a long scene in French, and I don't understand a word. The Frenchmen wear more colorful clothes than the English. They wear more blues, especially. The hanging of the man by Henry brought back of a flashback of a promise he made not to hang thieves. This shows how Henry is going against anything he had promised. When it began to rain when they were outside hanging the man, they all pulled capes out from behind them and covered their bodies. It must have been the world'sfirst poncho. When the French troops arrive at the hillside, they are all decked out with shields, armor, and horses. There are arrows flying through the air – how can they be su