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Hermann Hesse

Hesse became interested exploring how human mind works after undergoing psychoanalysis. He used, as subject of the story, having mental distress that leads to self-realization. The novel is about the story of the narrator named Emil Sinclair. It had been focusing Sinclair having disorder in his mind. He experienced working with his subconscious mind. It is a mental activity not directly perceived by your consciousness, from which memories, feelings, or thoughts can influence your behavior without you realizing it. It has been shown in the part where he dreamed of images or symbols that unable him to interpret that. Symbols and images are very important in psychology, specifically in the field of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist.
Intellectual development occurs in Sinclair in the entire story. Sinclair thought of the two worlds, "world of light" and the outside world or the "forbidden world" which has a bad image of a place for him. He wants to live his life according to what he likes. In the story, he viewed his world, especially at home, as good and godly place. The characters like Demian, Fran Eva, Pistorius and Beatrice are only his imaginations. He continues to have a life with these characters with him as he went through. Beatrice affects his life very much even though they don't talk to each other. Pistorius is a musician and became a friend of him. Pistorius has belief that someone has within him but is not aware of that.
And then, he met someone like Demian who became his friend that helped him a lot like the blackmailing of Kromer to him. Demian left for awhile when Sinclair transferred to the boarding house, primarily to be independent. In this situation, I can see that so many things bother him that time that he can't think of Demian. When he needed help, he starts searching for Demian. Demian left him because of the accomplishment of his mission that Sinclair decides for himself and acts o


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