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Heroism in three novels

A hero could be defined as a human of exceptional quality who wins admiration by noble deeds, especially deeds of courage.This definition could fit all of the main characters from the novels read, however Chris Mc Candless? story could be argued.Some describe his journey as stupid and thoughtful less yet others can see how courageous he was, therefore viewing him as a hero.The other characters from the novels are obviously heroes without question.
In Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass Lyra Belacqua, an 11-year-old girl raised by Scholars of Jordan College in Oxford England is extremely heroic.Lyra is not aware of her heroic behaviors or the importance she plays in saving the universe.Lyra is the subject of great prophecy in which she is destined to commit a fateful betrayal that will determine the future of all worlds.This fateful betrayal came towards the end of the novel.Lyra’s heroic behaviors are displayed during and after she rescues children from Bolvangar.After the rescue, her and a long time friend Roger head north to fight armored bears to rescue her father Lord Asriel.While in captivity Lord Asriel constructs a bridge to another world, which requires the energy release in an intercision (separation from daemon) to cross it.Lyra offers to go through with this but her father could not sacrifice his own daughter so he chooses Roger and this is the great betrayal.Seeing Lyra does not realize her power and importance she is confused as to why she could not have gone through the intercision so Roger would not have to.She vows to get revenge and to discover the meanings of this new world.These events can be used to show the courageous deeds Lyra preformed therefore making her a hero.
In John Marsden’s Tomorrow When the War Began, Ellie the main narrative character displayed many acts of courage.One instance that sticks out is when after Ellie and her six friends return from camping inHell? and s…


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