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Hester Prynne

"Sense prevails over sensibility."Characters in a novel often achieve the object of their desire because they possess good sense.While those who become disillusioned with life are easily carried by their emotions.Austen displays some degree of satire in Sense and Sensibility, effectively used in exposing the hypocrisy of individuals and society.Elinor is the ideal woman, being affectionate, pragmatic and prudent.She possesses good sense.On the other hand, Marianne embodies sensibility.She is charming and clever, but impulsive.Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen shows how the conflict and the setting express the theme of the novel.
Both Elinor and Marianne are the protagonists of Sense and Sensibility.They are wooed by the men of their choice, but later they are let down by these men.This is the conflict of the novel.As a result, they both face disappointments and rejection.However, Elinor lets her good sense guide her, and she is ultimately united with her lover.Marianne gets carried away by her sensibility and emotion and becomes despondent.She is ultimately rewarded with a competent husband when she recovers her sense of judgement.Both Elinor and Marianne achieve the object of their desire.They just had to possess good sense.Clearly, the conflict helped Elinor and Marianne use or find their good sense.
The novel is set in London and its surrounding districts.The opening of the novel is in Sussex.Henry Dashwood is living on his uncle's estate in Norland.However, after the death of Henry, Mrs. Dashwood and her three daughters move to Devonshire.Their cottage, overlooking the Barton Valley, is a "pleasant, fertile spot, well-wooded, and rich in pasture."In this part and the last part of the novel, the characters are shown living in the contryside, where they are content and expect happiness.Then the setting moves to London, when Elinor and Marianne accompany…


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