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Higher Learning

John Singleton's "Higher Learning" was not only an extremely entertaining film, but one that dealt with many real life issues, such as:importance of college education, sexuality, racism, and social equality.Although there are many troubles that are created in this very intense and dramatic movie, there are barely any significant answers.
This movie takes place at Columbus University and it focuses on the lives of three freshmen that have just entered the school.Malik (Omar Epps) is an African-American track star who is habitually challenged by sixth year senior Fudge (Ice Cube) and his fair-opinioned political science teacher Mr. Phipps (Lawrence Fishburne).Then there is Kristen (Kristy Swanson), who is a beautiful Orange County girl that is hauled in by a lesbian (Jennifer Connelly) after she is raped by a social contact.And then there is Remy (Michael Rapaport), who is a white male from Idaho whose inability to fit in anywhere leads him to a group of white supremacists.
Although there are three separate stories going on throughout the movie, they are consistently linked in the sense of adolescent students attempting to find their right place, but sometimes, just like in real life, going down the wrong and immoral path.Remy adapts this idea of hate against anybody who isn't a white supremacist, especially African-Americans, and it unavoidably leads to violence.Remy grows in the sense that he finds a belonging with a group, even though the group is "morally wrong".In the beginning of the movie Remy had a hard time fitting in with anybody.After Kristen is raped, she characterizes the young people of today's modern world by becoming mesmerized with the unique and unfamiliar, which in this case is lesbianism.And Malik, like a majority of young people without a sense of direction, plays the blame game and thinks nothing is his fault, even though he is blatantly not giving his bes…


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