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It had rained before dawn on that particular Wednesday in December of 1986, but by nine o'clock sunshine spread like warm butter through the green, landscape folds of the overpriced Beverly Hills canyon.
A woman stood at a bedroom window, gazing at the sunlit morning. Even unadorned with her black mane of hair pulled austerely back ,a peignoir hiding here apparently felicitous curves, she was lovely. For a moment she closed her eyes and here thoughtful expression altered to one of haunted dread. Then she shrugged as if reminding here self of a task, and move briskly to a long, narrow dressing room. Behind a professional, strew of cosmetics, the front section of the Los Angels Times was folded and was propped to show a photograph of her. With her artfully tousled head throw back and her lipsticked mouth open in a breathless smile, her image on black and white newsprint appeared far tougher,that of an aggressively sensual woman. The caption read: ALYSSIA DEL MAR, THE RETURN OF THE RECLUSIVE STAR
Alyssia Del Mar haden't made a film in six years. For long months at a time she vanished completely. Here reappearance were noted by television newscast and the press- the Star and the Inquire routinely sold out when they printed a rumor that she had been secluded in an exotic Katumandu palace, a Moorish castle, or a viceregal est'ancia in the Brazilian jungle with some billionar , Say Adran Kashoggi, or a notable like prince Rainer. Legends have never thriven on the rocky soil of truth and Alyssia del Mar had transcended her own myth. What is more intriguing than a star- an international star of thefirst magnitude- who quits at the height of her beauty and fame? The public' who has suffered with her through illness, tradgy and lurid scandal, snatch at clues of the enigma.
Alyssia switched on a surgical array of lights, leaning forward to study her reflection. Her nose and chin were rather to delicate, but in …


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