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1.1 ENGLISH – 48%. They settled in Urban and Rural areas. They were blacksmiths, carpenters, merchants, stonecutters, ministers, lawyers, and doctors.

1.2 SCOTS – 11.2%. They settled in Pennsylvania at 1st and in the mid 1700's they moved southwest toward the mountain valleys of the Appalachians. They sought peace and safety in America.

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1.3 GERMANS – 7%. They settled in Pennsylvania's Susquehanna Valley around Lancaster and New York. They contributed Farming, Wagons, and Hardware.

1.4 OTHER EUROPEAN SETTLERS – 9.1%. The Dutch settled mostly in the Hudson Valley region of New York. The French settled in many colonies. And the Swedes and Finns settled throughout the Delaware Valley. The Dutch contributed brick houses with tile roofs, pottery, kitchenware, and iron hardware. The French contributed many artists and artisans. And the Swedes and Finns contributed log cabins.

1.5 AFRICANS – 20%. They contributed slavery. They worked on Plantations farming, etc.

SECTION 2 : Life in the English Colonies

2.1 Work Roles
Merchants – Merchants work roles were they brought in goods the colony needed and sold what the colony produced.
Indentured Servants – Indentured servants work roles were they were slaves for 5-7 years and then unlike slaves were let free.
Slaves – Slaves work roles were just the same roles as indentured servants. Before slaves were actually slaves they were indentured servants. There was a law that made all indentured servants were turned into slaves which meant they never were to be let free.

2.2 – Colonial
Social Life – They would do many things such as older family members would tell stories or read aloud from a book. Often the entire family would gather together to sing songs and play games. Some outdoor activities were horseback riding, hunting, and fishing.
Women Rights – Wom…


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