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In Alfred Hitchcock's final film Family Plot he incorporates all of his ideas that he had previously used in his other films into one film. In Family Plot he used all the basic Hitchcock motifs along with some that were more directed to one movie. This film brings Hitchcock in full circle starting from hisfirst film, a black and white silent film called The Lodger all the way to his finale full sound and color film that was called Family Plot.
Many of the concepts that were used in the Lodger were carried all the way through to Family Plot. The most notable was that the lead female heroine or actress had short blond hair in each of the films. This was in Hitchcock's movies because he seemed to have affection to these types of women. This was how Hitchcock was perhaps trying to form his version of a perfect woman. An interesting side note to Family Plot was that the female villain was wearing a blond wig thefirst time the viewer sees her. When she isfirst seen, she is finishing a ransom trade for a kidnapped person. After she perfectly executes her section of the trade, she leads the villains to being able to get away with outdifficulty. Once she is in the getaway car she takes off the wig to reveal a dark natural hair color. So Hitchcock used his ingenious trickery to make the viewer think that there was actually a blond villain in one of his films. Of course everyone is surprised, but there is a sense of relief !
when the women reveals her true hair color. Reflecting back on Hitchcock's other films there are not many female villains that have blond hair.
Similar to most of Hitchcock's films this movie has an innocent man or small time criminal getting caught up in something much bigger than they intended to. The innocent man concept can be derived from Hitchcock's belief that everyone regardless how pure is guilty of original sin. This can be traced to his upbringing, which is that of a Catholic …


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