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homosexuality in the media

Throughout life we deal with many different constants.From the speed of light to the knowledge that a good friend is close by, constants give us security and a piece of mind in a world that is rapidly changing and expanding right before our very eyes.While many aspects of life are there to constantly bring us comfort, others are there to constantly challenge our perspective of reality.These challenging features may sometimes bring us pain as a society, well…as my mother always said, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.Since the onset of motion pictures we have become accustom to viewing our societal challenges on the big screen.We were there when our countries bloodiest battle led to the ravaging of Terra.Our own eyes were witness to the ruthless Mrs. Robinson as she fought to keep her daughter away from the man that she loves.More recently, our society was able to feel for a Philadelphia lawyer as he fought against corporate discrimination.While emancipation and the women's movement were very important events in the maturation of our country, the issue that we are currently dealing with is the evolution of homosexuality into every-day America.
In modern day America we deal with the idea of gay equality in every step that we take.Weather a petition is getting signed to constitutionally ban same-sex marriages or a boy in Wyoming is tied to a fence because of his sexuality…the hatred is everywhere.American cinema is often the place where we as a culture test out our ideas on a general public.The idea that is in the mind of many Americans lately is that of our changing paradigm of family.No place is this modern and changing paradigm more evident then in our own cinema.
Gay characters, in one form or another, have been with us since the veryfirst motion picture.The most notable gay characters have often been portrayed as the "sissy", or an evil villain .Thefirst line of f…


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