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Hoosier’s Essay

The story is based on a true story of how a small town high school basketball team becomes Indiana State Champions in 1954.The film is based on a struggle of a controversial coach that comes to the community and changes the basketball team, community, and his co-workers.The coach has many leadership styles that help attribute to the small high school basket ball team accomplishment of becoming state champions.

The coach has recently obtained a position to teach a class and, also, has become the coach of a small town.The coach has a history of coaching basketball and, also, has a record of assaulting a player in the past.His record of assaulting a player has been with him and has not allowed him to coach basketball anymore.

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Until, he moves to this small community and he is given a second chance to redeem himself.The story starts out where the town is very resistant to change and it makes it hard for the coach to implement change.The coach is very head strong and determined to make the team become one and act as a unit.There are some very good characteristics of the coach that makes him a good leader.The coach has actively gotten involved with the basketball players and the community.The coach is very firm on how the team is to train and how rules will be followed.He is very disciplined and very head strong.At one time in the movie, a team player was interrupting his coaching session and the two players decided to keep talking while the coach was lecturing the other players.The coach interrupted the conversation and asked that if the unruly player did not want to be involved with the team and not disrespect his practice session, then he would have to leave. The unruly player decided to leave practice leaving the coach with only five players to play on the basketball. He was very firm in how his practice sessions would be taught and not allowing any disruptions from any of the team players.He was will…


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