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Horror Felonies

Who doesn't like to sit in front of his television watching horror movies in a comfortable couch while eating a fresh, hotpack of pop-corn? Most people would say that this means entertainment for them! Moreover, how many repeated times most of us have been looking for the new horror movie available in our video club, butit is rented?Many other examples can be brought such us the movies which are the highest in the box-office every year'horror films'. Therefore, the horror movies are characterized as the most lovable and popular world-wide. However, many psychologist, scientists and filmmakers have a debate on whether horror films are a success considering the acceptance from the audience or not! Stephen King the master of horror films states that : "It may be that horror movies provide psychic relief on this level because this invitation to lapse into simplicity, irrationality and even outright madness is extended so rarely" (785). His theory of the "mentally-ill" society has been followed from many others such as Dirks and Solomon. Contrary, others believe that these kinds of films can only have negative effects on the psychology and mentality of humans such as the increasing of violence. No matter how much most of us enjoy watching horror movies; horror movies can't affectthe watchers positively; contrary , they have a violent impact on the psychology of the viewers.
Firstly, let's start from the theory of Stephen King which says that in order to show that we aren't afraid we watch horror films. This is true, most people have the courage and the tendency to prove that they are not afraid, and this could be happening only for one reason which is to show that we are brave. Recent surveys considering "why we want to go to horror movies" showed that : "Males liked the horror movies most when the accompanying females displayed distressed behavior and least when…


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