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Horror Films and Their Appeal

Though I'm a fan of most film genres, watching anything horrific usually isn't my top choice. Of course I will occasionally sit down to view something along the lines of Dawn of the Dead, as King mentioned in his article – which, ironically, also happens to be the most recent horror film I've seen – I most certainly will not enjoy it; not as I would an action film, or better yet, a comedy. If I were to attempt to describe how I reacted to myfirst horror film, it would be a fight with my memory to recall the experience. Instead, I'll describe what it's like to go see horror films in today's day and age.
As the years pass, films are being created with more and more special effects to enhance the audiences' viewing experience. Blood no longer looks like ketchup; human remains no longer resemble pieces of plastic covered in ketchup. Our fantasy is taking a surprisingly unfortunate turn. The undead have begun to look like real flesh and blood; still, dead, of course. I believe that this will have more of an impact on my generation and the next because of its realistic appeal. As a level-headed human being, I can say that I'm unaffected by these films because, even after the curtains close and I venture home, moral remains unchanged. Shooting your neighbor is illegal – no matter how much he resembles a zombie you saw in the theatre – beating animals is inhumane, and so forth.
When I go to see horror films I don't have to suppress the urge to go on a murderous rampage. The urge is simply not there. However, I do sit contently in my chair, sometimes curling up into a ball in fear of being killed myself! There is some truth in what King wrote in his article, but for the most part, I disagree. Sure, we all have felt rage to some degree – I'd say driving behind people who ignore the minimum speed limit gets me dangerously close to a murderous rage – b…


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