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H.P. Lovecraft's " the oldest and the strongest emotion of mankind is fear of unknown" may be told within a different context and content, in spite of that it implies'the real' J. Conrad's Heart of Darkness is a kind of story about unknown, that is more violent and different from the fear, but releases the horror. Although it can be related with ethic and colonialism by a conjunction it's more about the characters themselves entirely. Although colonialists (the self) tried to rotate Africa to a symbolic frame to be named. Africa was the other, which could not be described, tamed and familiarized, so couldn't be expired, reversed binary oppositions of the West. Africa is neither A or nor B, but uncanny where the rational and irrational, named and unnamed, evil and good, sane and insane was got together, and with it's characters it made colonialist confused because of even not knowing their (the self) places and side. So it's a shallow, dark, wild and dreadful part which is neccesarry to destroy to be named. African people is so distant to western oriented culture and society as if they're aliens of a distant planet. Think of Marlow and others descriptions, are remarkable about the savages and the nature of Africa. (Laterly, this weirdly wild and fearful nature of Africa will represent the soul of Kuntz). Colonists went in order to attack, exploit and tame, but the nature of the invaded one didn't permit that. The self is described with the other. Their extinction is related to each other mutually. West describes itself with what it is not so. But in the heart of darkness where there is no prohibitions, princibles, ethics, procedurs, etc. but only primitive nature of mankind and basic desires such as violence, survival, sexuality, and emotions like hate and fear, how will the self describes and establishes itself against the other Probably the self and the other will be the sam…


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