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How Achilles and Medea are similar

Glance a poisoned dress and coronet. The coronet erupts in a fire and the dress begins to eat away at her skin. She is left a monster and Croon becomes entangled with Glance in a rotting heap. Cavaliers, 1185-1245) 80th Achilles and Media’s anger fuel their motives to kill and deface the bodies of their enemies in horrible ways. Made and Achilles also are similar in the way they are full Of pride. In the Iliad, Achilles refuses to fight for the Achaean army because he feels he has been dishonored when Agamemnon takes Bribers away from him. (Lombard 1. 160-180) Achilles is too proud to give up Bribers. Like Achilles, Made is also full Of pride. Jason says to Made, “If you’d like me to help your exile, then just say so.

I’m prepared to give with an open hand, and make arrangements with my friends to show you hospitality. They’ll treat you 633-637) Jason offers to help Made by writing to friends who might be willing to accept Made into their homes (Cavaliers, 636) Made rejects Season’s offer. She is too full of pride. Even though she is in a difficult situation, she would rather suffer and punish Jason than accept help from Jason who has wronged her.

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