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How does Amy Tan link her first four 'stories' in Joy Luck C

How does Amy Tan link herfirst four'stories' in Joy Luck Club?

The author Amy Tan wrote'Joy Luck Club' the novel. In the novel, Amy Tan attempts to link thefirst four chapters, Joy Luck Club, Scar, The Red Candle and The Moon Lady together. Amy Tan based on the framework of thefirst chapter'Joy Luck Club' which was based on the Jing-mei Woo to create a connection on the other three protagonists. She linked the three chapters under the aspects of the structure of the writing, the similarities of the protagonists and the themes she stated in the novel under the main factor of Chinese beliefs and tradition.

Amy Tan organises the structure of'Joy Luck Club' by constructing it as a structural device. Before she begun her story, she wrote a parable which gave the readers some hints about her story. This parable explains briefly what the story is mainly about. In the parable Amy Tan links the four stories by focusing on the mother and daughter relationship which is found in the four chapters. This is noticeable in the phrase'In America I've a daughter just like me.' It also tells the readers that the stories involve places in China and America from the parable. This could be spotted in the phrase'many years ago in Shanghai''stretching its neck toward America.' The parable also stated the thoughts of the four mothers in the story which is changing the lifestyles of their next generation. Amy Tan showed this with the phrase'I will make her speak perfect American English'. In each of the four stories, the protagonists tell their story in the Joy Luck Club within the Mah-jong table. Although Amy Tan aims to tell the story to us as readers, the protagonists are actually telling the story to the daughters too. This is to let the daughters know more about their mother. Amy Tan writes the four stories mainly using the format offirst perso…