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How does Austen use her writin

How does Austen use her writing style to reflect her views on the society she lives in?
Novelist of the Georgian era encouraged moral principals and realism. There was little of great literary value published in the latter half of the eighteenth century, and it was only when Austen and Sir Walter Scott began to work and publish that the novel began to gain prominence. Austen was always a social satirist and realist.
Austen has been criticised for the small world it encompasses and vaunted for its accurate depiction of life in Home Counties England. Austen's success, however, stems from writing about what she knew. By focusing her writing on her own geographical area and social circle, her attention to detail was absorbed in creating character: living, breathing characters who inhabit the novels with an incomparable depth and individuality.
Austen narrates in the third person, predominantly observing the action and enlargement of plot from the viewpoint of the central character and privy to her thoughts and feelings alone. The omniscient narrator is aware of all, but concentrates her attention upon the main character.
This style of writing allows an immense deal of observational humour largely through the ironic distance it creates. The narrator infrequently steps away from Emma's point of view which is vital for the ironic humour to be maintained. Occasionally the reporting of Emma's thoughts allows moments of high ironic comedy. Through the development of Emma, Austen is able to effectively criticize the intense snobbery of the upper class that existed in English society during the Georgian era.
Thefirst example that illustrates the snobbery of English society is shown through Emma’s opinion and treatment of Robert Martin, a lower class farmer. Mr. Martin wishes to marry Harriet Smith, a good friend of Emma, so he sends Harriet a very sincere letter of proposal. Emma, however, urges Harriet to refuse M…


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