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How hollywood is rewriting his

How Hollywood is rewriting history. (25-09-04)
Last week we celebrated the sixtieth universe of the battle of Arnhem. Holland was occupied by the Germans.And the allied troops made an attempt to take bridges over the main rivers of the German-occupied Netherlands, enabling the Allies to advance into Germany without any remaining major obstacles.
The operation was successful up to the capture of the Rhine bridge at Nijmegen, but was overall a failure as the final bridge at Arnhem was not held, resulting in the destruction of the British 1st Airborne division.Tragic till so far you might think. Not according to Hollywood. According to Hollywood the British 1st Airborne division prevailed in there attempts to liberate Holland. And off course the Movie was a huge success.Millions of people around the world saw'A bridge to far' with the idea that they were seeing a truth -story
In this essay I am going to attempt to explain how Hollywood is changing the facts, but moreover why?
We live in a time were television has a huge role in the lives of people there daily living.
When Oprah Winfrey warned people of the mad cow disease there was a huge increase in the demand of meat in the United States. And when Jennifer Anniston had a special haircut every trendy woman try to be like her. So you can't conceal the fact that mass-media has a giant role in our perception of things.Seeing that you can conclude that people believe instantly what they see and are taking it for granted and especially when a movie claims to be based on a true story.
Many of tragic historical events were filmed. Which of course it's great because it creates a huge interest in unknown topics. Who would have known of the Titanic if it weren't for the movie? As a result Hollywood has the power to bring unfamiliar things to the attention of the mass and create a huge awareness. The holocaust was a historical fact for me but&ap


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