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How successful is Susan Hill in dramatising Kingshaw

Phobias are irrational fears of something, for example spiders or heights. They are hard to get rid of and habitual. They are deep seated and often with psychological roots, such as a disturbing experience. Phobias preoccupy, haunt and disturb you.
A phobia, or an illogical fear, affects your mind, playing upon it and misrepresenting your perception of the world. You see your fear everywhere and in everything. You cannot hide from it.
Physical challenges are not usually correlated to psychosomatic problems. Peoplesuch as Kingshaw in “I’m The King Of The Castle”can have horrendous phobias and fears in their minds, and yet still be able to surmount physical confrontations, such as ascending the castle wall or entering the feared woodfeats accomplished by Kingshaw. Kingshaw can execute these challenges, and succeed in them, but then he is unproductive in overcoming his fear of Hooper, or break down the communication block between his mother and himself, which she does everything to maintain.
Anyone can have a phobia, but there are some people who are more likely to be victims than others. Vulnerability and neglect play great roles in the occurrence of a phobia, as does insecurity. Those of us who are vulnerable, psychologically and physically, are more likely to have a phobia than those who fear nothing and have the ability to protect themselves from anything the world presents them with. They often have enough confidencephysical appearances and abilities are part of thisto fight a phobia, and prevent it from disabling their life.
Those who are mistreated, or have experienced disregard, may be overcome with vulnerability, or a fear of being alone. Insecurities can lead to phobias just because they make the person weaker spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. If you have insecurities you cannot get the bettor of, then it is less likely you will be able to push a phobia or irrational fear from your mind.
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