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How Things Appear Isnt Always how they are

How things appear is not always how they really are.This is common when looking at how law enforcement officers and agencies operate.The public as well as Serpico had many preconceived ideas about how the department and fellow officers functioned.Unfortunately, for Serpico more and more of his conceptions are turning out to be false.
While riding in the patrol car Serpico and his training officer heard a call over the radio about a rape.His partner was not planning on taking the call since it was between sectors, but Serpico insisted.He was not willing to stay in the room while a detective beat the rape suspect with a phone book evidently not approving of the abuse.And later he did not follow orders to wait for the investigating officer and insisted on arresting two other rape suspects.Serpico wants to pay for his meal and get what he wants rather than take what is free and seems disapproving of allowing the restaurant owner to double-park on delivery days.It is obvious that Serpico is out to be the good cop fighting crime, however he is not following the code that the other officers follow.
Serpico wants to behave only how he was taught in the academy without becoming involved in some of the abuse of power and lackadaisical attitudes he has witnessed.As a society we want to believe that police officers will go above and beyond the call of duty to serve and protect us, but in actuality many police officers will not do this.As far as Serpico going against the ways that have been set before him, he is only setting himself up for trouble with the other officers.In fact, in today's "cop world" officers don't take kindly to rookies coming in trying to be super heroes and change the way things are.


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