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The film: To Kill a Mockingbird was based on the book by Harper Lee. The director of the film is Robert Mulligan. The movie takes place during the 1930s in the small town of Maycomb, Alabama. Just like in the book, it is about a widowed father of two who is a lawyer. He is supposed to defend an African American man accused of raping and beating a young white woman. Atticus is faced with ha hard decision. He knows Tom (the accused) is innocent. However, Maycomb is stuck in its ways and he does not want to harm his family by trying to change it. In the end, Atticus does the right thing by defending Tom. However, the whole town is affected.
Gregory Peck plays Atticus Finch, a slightly old, but wise man. In the film, Atticus (Gregory) is lawyer during the great depression. He has two children. He is a widowed single father. Atticus is portrayed in the book as a man who is the same way at home as in public. Gregory does a good job of acting out his role as Atticus. Mulligan does a swell job at portraying Atticus. After all Atticus is supposed to be a fare and strong yet humble person. This felt in the film exactly as it was in the novel. Atticus has two children, Jem and Scout.
Jem is a ten-year-old boy. The actor who lays him is Philip Alford. Jem is at the age where he is starting to mature. He is interested in his father's business. Some may call him noisy. In the book, he would ask his father a lot of questions about Boo Radley (the neighbor) and Tom Robinson's case. Jem is a curious boy. He likes to investigate and try to protect his younger sister, Scout. In the novel, he gets upset because Atticus is older that the other fathers. He (as well a Scout) does not believe their father has any cool qualities. Later, he realizes that his father does have cool qualities, just not the ones he would have thought was cool. Jem grows a lot during the period of the book.He goes from a silly young boy who just cares about


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