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Howards End as a "realistic no

Howards End by E.M. Forsterwas written in 1910.It is considered to be a "realistic" novel presenting the English society during the early twentieth century in many aspects including social, economical, philosophical forces and mood reflecting the English people. "Forster uses Howards End as a symbol of England, with its rural past and its more urban future, its quintessential English-ness, and its role in the lives of most of the main characters."(Sparknotes) The story reveals the plausible relationship and actions of people in different classes of the society who explore the changes taken place in Edwardian Era.The use of symbolism can be found throughout the book for the purpose of expressing the society in certain aspects. To one extent, the novel also gives clues to the future of England in the sense that which class of people would come to define the nation.
To begin with the characters presented in the novel. Forster makes all the characters as realistic as possible.All the characters in Howards End portray the different social classes of England in the early years of twentieth century. There are three major families representing three different classes and ideologies: the Schlegels, the Wilcoxes and the Basts. Obviously, these three groups are set against one another in relief, gradually intertwining their stories.
The Schlegels are the major focus of the book. Historically, they represent the liberal social attitudes of the Edwardian era then emerging in England after the death of Queen Victoria. The Schlegels consist of mainly three characters: Margaret Schlegel, Helen Schlegel and Tibby Schlegel. Margaret is a twenty-nine years old woman who plays as the chief protagonist of the story. She is the oldest sister of the family, having a younger sister Helen and the youngest brother Tibby. The Schlegels are the mixture of English and German heritage, representing the "liberal, idealistic and …


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