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huck fin

Chapters 24-26
Identifying Facts

1.When all four of them are back on the raft, the Duke disguises Jim as a sick Arab so he can stay on the
raft by himself and not be judged a runaway slave.
2.On their way, they meet a young man, and the Dauphin introduces himself as the Reverend Alexander
Boldgette. The man tells him that he had hoped he was Mr. Wilks, whose brother Peter has just died.
Peter’s brothers are in England and word had been sent a couple of months ago when Peterfirst took ill.
One of the brothers, Harvey, is a preacher, and the second, William, is deaf and dumb; they have
inherited a fortune from Peter. The Dauphin asks all kinds of questions about the Wilks family and the
town, and the young man supplies all the information.
4.The two men are able to hoodwink everyone except Dr. Robinson, who suspects that there is
something fishy about these two men. He does not believe they are the brothers of Peter Wilks.Dr.
Robinson sees through their fake Greek and English accents. He leaves to try and find out the truth
about these men.
5.When he sees how gullible and trusting the three girls are, Huck realizes that he is allowing two
despicable frauds to rob them of their inheritance.

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Interpreting Meanings

6.Duke disguises Jim as a sick Arab so he can stay on the raft by himself and not be judged a runaway
slave. The Duke and Dauphin dress up in the new clothes they have bought and think about boarding a
7. When he realizes that the scoundrel is going to try and seize the dead man’s fortune, Huck is disgusted,
but does not feel he can do anything to alert the people against them. At the end of the chapter, Huck
says that the scoundrels make him “ashamed of the whole human race.” It is thefirst time in the book
that he has made such a strong moral judgment and shows th…


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