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Huck Finn

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

In Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn the central characters, Huck and Jim, develop a meaningful relationship while journeying down the Mississippi River.Huck's "civilized" idea of Jim is the same as most of the South, which is that Jim is a slave and therefor is less than human.Huck's perception of Jim changes through the unfolding of the novels many themes.This understanding of Jim also helps Huck in the building of his own conscience and character.
The conventional morality of the South during Hucks time is that slaves are property and have very little if any rights.This is the type of morality Huck has at the beginning of the novel, but slowly begins to see the truth and how society is wrong. There are two instances that stand out where Huck says that Jim appears to be human or "white inside".In chapter sixteen Jim says that thefirst thing he would do when he got to a free state would be to save up some money to buy his wife out of slavery and if he couldn't buy his children out of slavery he would steal them.This statement by Jim shows that Jim has feelings and compassion for his family and is the beginning of Huck's realization that Jim is human. One morning Huck wakes to find Jim bemoaning over his daughter'Lizabeth who Jim once scolded for not closing a door when he told her and later found out she was deaf from scarlet fever.This public showing of Jim's remorse for hurting his daughter begins to show Huc!
k that even blacks have emotions and that Jim has the potential to be held to level of whites.
One theme that really appears to stand out in the novel is that of the friendship between Huck and Jim.Huck is atfirst blind to the idea of Jim being his friend, but as the novel unwinds their friendship progresses and helps Huck in a personal way.The major scene that makes Huck realize what friendship i…

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