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Huck Finn Contrast Paper

“Life is dilemmas, life is a chance. You feel free and also tense.” This line of Yuliya Gutman’s “Get Through the Day” explains it. There is a line that divides society and the individual. It separates moral and social conformity from complete individuality. Within that line, the moral standards of society are set. But when the heart of the individual says society is wrong, conflict arises. Society is a corrupt system that the individual, or free thinker, is at constant battle with. In Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the struggle of the individual versus society is an idea that is expressed through Huck’s struggle against the corruption and moral shortcomings of society. The people that Huck meets on his journey represent society. Twain used Huck to represent the individual, whereas Pap, the king, and the duke represented society.
Society treated Jim as it thought of him, as property.”… Some of them wanted to hang Jim for an example to all the other niggers around there, so they wouldn’t run away like Jim done.” This was an example of how society felt towards blacks. As a whole, people felt them to be property and nothing else, therefore runaway slaves were considered ungrateful and executed. “- Why, he wouldn’t’a’ give me the road if I had shoved him out o’ the way.” Pap was explaining to Huck that there was a freed slave that could vote. Pap was angry because he believed that blacks were property and didn’t deserve to be free or be members of society. Pap represented society. Society didn’t want blacks to be acknowledged as part of itself. Huck, however, treated Jim as a human being. “I thought if I was in Cairo, I would die of miserableness.” Here, Huck was thinking to himself, about Jim. He thought that if Jim left for freedom, he would become lonely, because Jim had become Huck’s friend. Huck saw!
past the bitterness of society. “It made me feel so mean I could alm


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