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Huck Finn

Mrs. Johnson finds herself standing once again in all too familiar surroundings.Bent over the bathroom sink she waits impatiently, praying the little plastic stick will deliver good news this time.Again, it reads negative.Disappointment sets in.She decides now is the time for someone else to birth her child.
Mrs. Johnson walks into the doctor's office.The nurses all smile and greet her by name, as usual.Sadly, today is not a usual day.Mrs. Johnson has unfortunate news.She has discovered her fifth attempt with artificial insemination has failed.Now she is ready to take the next step to motherhood.She begins the technicalities of surrogacy–paperwork, scheduling the medical procedures, taking out mortgages and loans, and finally choosing a surrogate mother.She chooses wisely.After months of interviews and much thought, she selects Alison.Alison is a twenty-eight-year-old fitness nut.Alison is also witty, beautiful and a mother of three.These qualities make Alison very impressive, but mean nothing.Alison will be carrying the child but the biological make-up will be no part of her.The Johnson's have decided to go with the method of gestational surrogacy.This method involves embryonic transfer and the surrogate mother has no genetic ties to the child she births ("Surrogate" par. 3).Alison will be the "incubator" for the Yates.
Eight months pass.The Johnson's find themselves standing in front of yet another obstacle.Alison has decided she cannot bare to part with the Johnson's "seed" that has been growing inside her. The Johnson's are now living a nightmare with lawyers, court proceedings, and finding themselves just as childless.Now it is harder than ever knowing Alison is carrying their biological child.Many people, like the Yates unfortunately find themselves in this situation.
This course of action is so controversial that few laws…


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