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Huckleberry finn

In many works of English literature, the time period in which it was written serves as a foundation for details, background, and events within the work.In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, portions of the novel touch on the most significant issues and events of the 1800s.Following the course of the work through the eyes of Huckleberry Finn, the reader is led down a path created mainly by traits of slavery, superstitions, and the average traditional lifestyle of the early 1800s.
Slavery is one of the most prominent and widespread issues known of the 1800s.The majority of white people in the United States owned slaves, including the characters of the novel, such as Miss Watson and even the preacher Mr. Phelps.The aspects of slavery portrayed in the novel are true and could have been seen carried out in the nineteenth century.As in reality,there were also slave traders and slave auctions in the book. Frequently, slave families would be split up and sent to separate plantations, as was the case with Jim, Miss Watson's slave.He had a wife, a son, and a daughter, and they were all separated from each other.As the story progresses, Jim eventually becomes a runaway slave.He overheard his owner conversing with a slave trader, saying that she was going to sell him.Despite the fact that she did not want to sell Jim, she was pondering the thought because he was worth eight hundred dollars.Miss Watson's sister, the widow Douglas, tried to persuade her not to sell Jim, but he ran away without knowing if she would or not, preferring not to take the risk.During these times, runaway slaves were looked down upon largely.Wanted notices would be put up and sent out regarding the slave, and large sums for rewards were offered.Runaway slaves that were caught faced harsh punishments.While held by Mr. Phelps, Jim was kept as a prisoner and locked up, until his owner, according to the wanted poster…


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