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huckleberry finn

In the novel Huckleberry Finn, the characters Huck and Jim are different from one another in their appearance, age, situations, and their level within society.There are many similarities between them as well.Huck and Jim are similar in terms of superstition, how they both desire freedom, and how they are both considered property.
Through the book, they are both very superstitious and there are many examples of their belief.When Huck picked up a snakeskin, Jim told him that it was the worst kind of bad luck.Huck did not receive any bad luck from picking up the snakeskin, but Jim did.When Huck took a dead snake, and put it in Jim's bed to scare Jim, the mate of the snake came and when Jim climbed into bed, the mate bit him on the leg.Huck then vowed to never touch another snakeskin as long as he lived.When Huckleberry Finn accidentally killed a spider on page thirteen, he instantly got up, turned in his tracks three times and each time he turned he made the sign of the cross on his chest, then he tied a lock of his hair with string to keep the witches away.On page twenty-six, Jim had a hairball as big as a fist, which had been taken out of an oxen's fourth stomach that he used to do magic.He said there was a spirit inside it and it knew everything".Huck and Jim obviously believe in diffe!
rent superstitions, and do everything in their power to keep the bad luck away.
Huckleberry Finn and Jim both desire freedom.To get freedom, Huck fakes his own death, and runs away from his drunken, and abusive father "pap" who beats him often, and locks him in a cabin out in the woods.Pap sometimes left Huck alone for days at a time without food while pap got drunk and thrown in jail at the town.Huck decided to escape society. When Huck ran into Jim, he felt that Jim would be a valuable friend on his adventure.Jim escaped from his owner Ms. Watson who, against her promise, was going to sell J…


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