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I Am Sam

For people who have disabilities it has become known to me over the past years how people can take advantage of them and do.From the movie clips I have seen from classes to actually hearing people who have disabilities talk, many times people take advantage of them and then blame it all on the person with the disability.At the very beginning of I Am Sam you see Sam (the main character).Sam is mentally disabled; his mental capacity is of a 7 year old.Sam is in the hospital with a woman who is giving birth; you come to find out the child is Sam's.Who Sam got this woman pregnant was because this woman needed a place to stay one night used Sam for him home and slept with him.As they are walking out of the hospital she runs off and leaves Sam and the little girl.He is left confused and with a little baby girl all by himself.
When Samfirst took the little girl home, (Lucy) you could really tell how hard he was trying to make things right for her.Having a mind of a 7 year old there are things he did not know what to do.In actuality though, there are so many parents in this country who bring a child home and do not really know how to care for it correctly.For Sam to make it he keptthe mind set, "All you need is love."This really touched home with me because love gets you through anything.In my opinion if you love someone or something enough it gives you the motivation and strength to work at it the best you can.
For Sam not knowing how to correctly care for Lucy at the beginning you could see he wanted to know how.He would go over to his neighbors' house and ask her what to do.Annie was her name, atfirst she was reluctant to help Sam out, but decided to anyways.I feel she saw Sam really loving Lucy and wanting to do what was right.With Sam's mentality of a seven year old he was still able to learn different things.Also when Annie would explain to him the correct way t…


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